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We moved our blog a while ago but still are getting some followers on this one. We have two blogs active. Sure would love to see you follow us on them. Here they are, links and all:

Amanda’s Bequest

Bygone Basics

We will not be posting from this blog again.

Please, Stop on over and check it all out!

And…THANK YOU for following us. 🙂

About vkhanson

Experience for yourself the food skills of your choosing. Enjoy hands-on experiencing pasta making, bread making, home canning, making jams and jellies, pies, learning kitchen tools (such as Instant Pot), make full meals and sit down to dine, and more. See how today's technology can cut time and effort to a serious minimum. This is a great activity for friends, bridal parties, generations of families, spouses, co-workers and so on. Classes are held in an atmosphere of laughter, great stories, and hearty food. Times are flexible. So do ask! Remember....a gift certificate would be a fabulous idea to ensure quality time with a friend or someone else who is special.

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